Laptop Proof Joe Biden Attended Hunter’s Mexican Business Partners Meetings

Joe Biden attended meetings between Hunter and his Mexican business partners (caught in a lie on the 2020 campaign trail saying he didn’t), suggesting personal business dealings are more important than the protection of United States citizens.

Joe Biden ordered immediate halt and removal of all border wall system construction crews building the steel wall along the U.S.-Mexico border when he took office, Wednesday Jan. 20, 2021.

The administration tries to ignore the child and drug trafficking chronic problems at the US-Mexican border and uses racism and cost (while sending $40B+ to Ukraine) as the reasoning for the border system construction halt.

Bidens with business partners from Mexico
Jeff Cooper, Carlos Slim, Joe Biden, Miguel Aleman Velasco, Hunter Biden and Miguel Aleman Magnani in a photo taken in 2015 in the living room of the Naval Observatory. Photo courtesy NY Post.

The photos of Joe Biden with these businessmen were taken in the living room of the VP’s residence, which was painted at the time in a daffodil yellow chosen by Jill Biden and featured distinctive paintings by Vermont artist Wolf Kahn on loan from Addison/Ripley Fine Art in Georgetown, which are visible on the wall behind the men.

Two floral chairs and a pink-toned silk rug in the photos match the décor of the living room at the time. In the background of one photo, a piano and family photographs can be seen in front of a bay window.

This is despite Joe Biden repeatedly saying he had no dealings with Hunter’s business partners.

Joe Biden is also caught in the video clip talking hatefully to a reporter regarding the matter, telling the reporter he’s asking the wrong question.

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