How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Reverse type 2 diabetes

If you’re interested in learning how to reverse type 2 diabetes, then reading  this will be the most important few minutes you will ever spend.

Here’s why …

Type 2 diabetes is being called the black death of our times. It’s rapid spread across the world has shocked science, doctors, and torn families across the globe. 

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It’s now one of the top killers in America and it, coupled with obesity, is soon to be number 1 world wide. Of two people reading this right now, one of us has diabetes or pre-diabetes, and 68% of us don’t even realize it.

Our children are 5 times more likely to get diabetes today than just 20 years ago. Did you know 2 out of 3 diabetics will die of a heart attack.

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If you’ve ever had diabetic neuropathy then you’re aware of the needle like pain it puts on your body. Type 2 diabetes can put incredible stress on your pancreas. That extra stress can begin to destroy the insulin producing part of it called beta cells. This is why it’s severely and critically important you get started now at reversing your type 2 diabetes. Tomorrow or next week may be too late.

It can soon do long term damage to your pancreas and turn into type 1.5 diabetes.

I’m not saying that to turn you off. It’s just important for you to know that your pancreas is working overtime right now. Working minute by minute to produce extra insulin so your blood glucose can make its way into your muscle cells. To give you energy for all the activities you must accomplish during your day. 

This condition is known as insulin resistance. The only way to correct your type 2 diabetes condition is to increase insulin sensitivity eliminating this resistance within your body.

Most people are being told, and believe, diabetes can’t be reversed. This is half right, and half wrong. Type 1 can’t be reversed yet type 2 can. It is being reversed. For the few that know how, that is.

You see type 1, also known as juvenile diabetes is an autoimmune disease. It happens in young adults and more on this later. We’re mainly focused on type 2 here.  But it’s worth a few seconds touching on the differences to prevent confusion.

Type 1 is where the beta cells on the pancreas that produce insulin have been destroyed. These cells can not be regenerated. Sadly this form of diabetes can not be reversed. On the other hand type 2, also known as adult onset diabetes, absolutely 100 percent can be eliminated and reversed in your body.

You can return to the diabetes-free state you once knew. Wouldn’t that feel great! Imagine what your friends would think! You can do it and I’m going to teach you how just like I’ve done for so many others. Imagine no more diabetes pain, fears of shortened life, frustrations of having low energy, no more irritations in your nerves, and living life with the vitality and excitement you had years ago! You can soon be at the unconscious competence level of learning.

Where this all becomes simple, second nature and crystal clear. You can even teach other people how to reverse their adult onset diabetes, if you want to! First you need to realize you’re at the first of 4 stages of learning right now. You are at the unconscious incompetence level of learning right now.

Getting you to the 4th stage, the unconscious competence level, so it becomes automatic will take some effort. But it’s not that hard. It’s like opening a big combination safe. It’s not hard IF you know all the numbers to this combination. And IF you know the exact order to put them in.

There are people out there who don’t want you to know this information. They are doing all they can to keep you confused and bewildered. Who you listen to is critical.

How to reverse type 2 diabetes has been known since the 1930’s. Why then haven’t I been told so I would be diabetes free you ask? Great question that I’ll get to later.Knowing what you just read, why would anyone not want to reverse their type 2 diabetes?

Maybe they don’t want to hurt their doctors feelings. Most doctors make money on the medications they prescribe.Maybe it’s fear of being told you can’t do it and looked at as if you are crazy by people who have bought into the lie of being told it can’t be reversed.

Another reason someone may not want to reverse it is they think it’s too complicated or a process out of reach for themselves. I’m not going to hide the fact this requires change. The only human who likes change is a baby with a wet diaper. What got you here won’t get you there.  So what got you in this diabetes situation is not going to get you out of it.

Now is the time for me to ask you this one serious question. Ready? OK here goes! Are you committed, or are you just curious? Are you just curious about reversing your type 2 diabetes or are you really committed to reversing it so it never comes back into your body again?

It’s vital you take that question to heart and get a deeply embedded answer to it now. One that you can hold on to for the next few weeks as we go through this life changing and uplifting process together. Type 2 diabetes turns into type 1 diabetes rapidly. It may soon be too late. So time is ticking.

This whole new approach to reversing type 2 diabetes was actually proven over 85 years ago. So technically it’s not new. It’s just new to you.

This little known approach is making some big differences. This changes everything for you. At this very moment you may be doubting this approach. That’s ok, and it’s not your fault. Many organizations don’t want you free from diabetes. Thanks to technology we are able to get this out to more and more people. You just have to quietly keep that in mind as you reach your progress.

This system worked for me and it’s openly available to you.. There is nothing to lose except your type 2 diabetes and your dependency on diabetes medications.I have a friend from the Navy and he’s always doubting himself. Fortunately he doesn’t have diabetes but, as an example here, he internally doubts himself all the time.

You can do this. And don’t be like him. Put faith in yourself. Reality is that which is rehearsed most often. That means you determine what your beliefs are. Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” Point is, if you are doubting internally in your heart or mind you can do this, it’s perfectly normal and natural.

Your internal guidance safety system is detecting something different. It automatically steers you to safety. In this case all you will need to do is justify this is safe. That it is what you need to do to heal your body. To bring yourself back to optimum health. Once you prove this to yourself as being true, those fear emotions will flee.You may be thinking what others will think, the ones believing the lie that you must live with type 2 diabetes for the rest of your life.

When they find out about your correct decision to reverse your type 2 diabetes they may poke fun at you. These could be your co-workers, friends, family, people you hang out with. Look at it this way. Once you get this diabetes reversed, they will respect your decision and achievement. You’ll command it automatically. With something as important as your longevity and wellness it’s worth showing them it can be reversed don’t you think?

I’ve helped people, just like you, do it many times before.  And now it is time to get it done for yourself.It’s been completely reversed over and over in thousands of people.

It’s like having all the numbers to a combination safe in exactly the right order. Many have one or two numbers. Some have some of the numbers. Yet almost nobody has all the correct numbers. If they are lucky enough to have waded through all the misinformation and false data to get the correct numbers to the combination, they don’t have them in the right sequence. You must do the right things, in the right order, at the right time.

This brings up lots of questions. Again you are probably thinking why haven’t I been told this before? And why do doctors say it can’t be reversed? If you’ve read any of my other articles or watched my videos you know about my brother. He got type 1 as a young adult in the late 1970’s and it affected our family in a big way.

This was the external reason I wanted to learn all I could about the disease. Internally I realized finding the answers to a few simple questions could prevent other families from having diabetes negatively affect their lives like it painfully has mine. How can it be stopped? How can it be reversed? How can it be prevented?

I’ve spent 30 plus years living it through family members, clients, and others. I started my first health business back in 1986. Being told there was no reversal for diabetes really discouraged me. So I kept searching. Once I found the difference between type 1 and type 2, I had this huge epiphany. Although my brother couldn’t reverse his type 1, the other form, type 2, could be reversed.

I surprisingly started finding out type 2 had been reversed successfully back in 1939 by a doctor named Walter Kempner. Today most of this critical information has been suppressed and that’s why I’m working to get it back out to people like you. These little known big differences of revisiting the fundamentals changes everything for you!I mentioned this before and it’s worth another.

Marshall Goldsmith in one of his bestselling books said “what got you here, won’t get you there.” If you want to achieve a different result, one you haven’t achieved before, then you have to become somebody different. You have to upgrade your skills, your behaviors. You have to master your emotions better. You have to change something. Make sense? I know you can do it. Once you do it you’ll never have to look back.

Your life will be so positive moving forward in all ways. Knowing you have reduced your risk of heart attack, one of the main killers of diabetics, surely will bring you peace of mind.

The diabetes creates a reduced feeling in some of your nerve endings. So when a heart attack presents itself to a diabetic or pre-diabetic, they don’t even feel it until it is already too late. Diabetes is the number one cause of blindness and lower limb amputation.

And a leading cause of alzheimers, kidney failure, and stroke. One out of two reading this has pre-diabetes and doesn’t even know it. Accompany this with depression, shame, and isolation. Why would anyone choose to remain living life like this if there were a reversal solution?

After all you have just read, you may still be asking, is it even possible to protect myself and my family? And what can I do to rise above all these shocking statistics? This is bringing most of you into a whole new way of thinking. The right way of thinking. What diabetes really is. Has always been. Based on research dating back to to the 1930’s when it was successfully being reversed. Before the truth got suppressed.

There is no financial incentive for doctors to tell you this. It’s really not their fault. They aren’t bad people it’s just they’re not taught this in medical school. I think in my heart you are going to get lots out of this once lost information I am about to share with you! It’s going to change your life in many ways. If nothing else you get to learn something that’s crucial to all people on Earth. There’s nothing to lose. What I’m teaching even reversed heart disease. As you probably already know it’s the number one cause of death in America and most of the world.

Congratulations! Now you know type 2 diabetes can be fully reversed. You know you can do it if you want to.

Getting access to the how to information is one small decision away for you. This will completely change your life. It’s going to get you on the right track to supreme well being and ultimate health. You’ll be living a fun filled life without diabetes. Even if you’re just curious it’s worth this chance to see if it will work.

Now you know you can protect yourself from heart attack, kidney failure, liver damage, skin irritation, and eye degeneration.  Ensure longevity with your family. Your kids and grand kids, whether you have them now or looking forward to them in your future. You deserve to be diabetes free so you can have that youthful vitality again. You deserve to live your max potential and you can start it right now.

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