How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Going forward I’m going to be showing you how to reverse your type 2 diabetes without having to take prescription medications anymore.

You must be excited! You’re probably a little skeptical too. Most people are so that’s natural. This is big.

Relax and know you’re in great care. Hang with me for a little bit, ok! I promised to give you a story too, about something that happened that changed my life forever.

Well it goes back to when I was in high school. I have a brother that’s 2 years younger than.

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We both love sports and collected baseball and football cards together as kids.

We would trade them back and forth and each pack contained a small piece of bubblegum we looked forward to.

Didn’t taste very good but it was bubble gum so we didn’t really care. We also played catch for many hours at a time in our side yard with the baseball or football, depending on the season.

Our neighbor had a basketball court so we would go there and play games often too. When he was in his seventh grade year he suddenly started losing energy. To make things worse he started wetting the bed.

Wow it’s like he never did this even as a toddler. Come to find out he had diabetes. He had contracted an autoimmune condition where his body produced antibodies to kill bacteria.

While it killed the bacteria it also killed the islet cells on his pancreas. The ones that produce insulin. Sadly at the time we didn’t know what caused it. What this did do though was made me understand at an early age how serious the condition of diabetes really is.

He has type 1, something we’re not going to be addressing very much but what he’s taught me about the disease is super amazing.

It’s a huge part of how I’m able to bring to you this incredibly effective content and system to get your type 2 diabetes reversed effectively, safely, and permanently! Are you excited!!?

During my years with the US Navy and United Airlines as a mechanic on the jets I ran into lots of people that had type 2 diabetes.

Through years of wondering what it really was I was fortunate to have conversations with my brother quite often and he explained to me that type 2 was a condition of the body resisting insulin.

During one of those conversations it was like bingo, a light came on in my mind. I had an epiphany of what type 2 diabetes really is.

The insulin is what lets glucose into the cells for energy. It’s kind of like this. The insulin in your body has the key that unlocks the door of the cell to let the glucose or blood sugar created by what you eat into the cell.

This is how you get energy. Type 2 diabetes takes the key away from the insulin. With the key to the door gone the door remains shut and locks glucose out of the cell.

Glucose or sugar therefore stays in the blood stream. This creates a high blood sugar situation. Make sense?

This really excited me when I learned what was actually happening in the cell.

I love mechanics and learning this was like how the hydraulic systems control the flight controls, landing gear, and other actuators on one of our UAL aircraft.

So what’s happening is your pancreas is working to produce insulin yet the key that unlocks the door to let glucose or sugar into the cells is lost. Missing. Glucose is locked out.

Reverse type 2 diabetes
How Glucose Is Locked Out Of Your Cells Creating A High Blood Sugar Condition

Here’s the problem. Doctors treat the high blood sugar which is a symptom instead of the root cause which is insulin resistance or not getting into the cell.

This is how we’re going to reverse your type 2 diabetes, by reducing the insulin resistance. Getting the key to unlock the door so glucose can get into the cell. Now the insulin will be doing it’s job.

Are you excited? I am. I’m excited for you!

I ended up putting many years of study into the insulin resistant condition. Collecting large amounts (gobs as we would say in North Carolina) of data, studies, test results, and proof.

It became an obsession. Once I understood and further proved what type 2 diabetes really is, I knew the best thing to do was share it with others.

It had affected my family in a big way and saw it affecting many other families around me.

Lives weren’t being lived to their max potential and that’s why I’m helping you! Is this making sense?We can reverse your type 2 diabetes for good!

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Feel free to share this article with others. Especially those who have type 2 or know someone who has type 2 diabetes. Talk to you later.